Saturday, February 18, 2012

Start of a new Civil War Project

I've decided recently to start a 20mm civil war project. When I was younger, these plastic figures were my first step into miniature war gaming, so I'm venturing back into my roots. I just received a bulk order of these figures off eBay. Last weekend I was able to get them cut off the sprues, washed, and a handful primed gray.

As far as basing is concerned, I'm going with four figures on a stand in a single rank, two of these will be put together to make a double rank battle line. I'm using some bases left over I had from some Perry brothers boxed sets, don't recall the actual size. I'll probably do some singularly based figures for use as skirmishers as well. I have not fully decided yet, but may base officers and NCOs on single bases too.

The rule set I'm going to use has not been declared either. I have a bunch of good ones to pick from. Once I get a sizable force together I'll start working on that problem.

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